Alive in the Love of Christ
Hopeful in the Promise of Christ
Active in the Service of Christ

Christ Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Oregon Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

At Christ Lutheran, we are rooted in the traditions of our community and faith, and we are relevant in today’s world.

Christ Lutheran celebrates the past and embraces the future. We are located in the midst of Aurora, Oregon, a city that prides itself on its history and pioneer spirit. Aurora was founded by a colony of seekers, intent on building an authentic Christian community. The colony was known for its hospitality and for the way it members cared for each other and for strangers in their midst. We like to think that some of that spirit remains part of who we are today.

At the same time, CLC is a community of faith excited about what God is calling us to be now and into the future. We believe that God is calling us, through worship, fellowship, prayer, and service, to discover our place in the world. We invite you to join in the discovery.