Alive in the Love of Christ
Hopeful in the Promise of Christ
Active in the Service of Christ

The good news of Christ is at the center of worship at Christ Lutheran Church. We are proud of our Lutheran heritage, where the message of salvation by grace through faith permeates every facet of our life together.

Our forms and style of worship vary, including our Sunday traditional and contemporary services, our monthly Place at the Table service, and our seasonal Advent and Lent midweek gatherings.

All worship at Christ Lutheran has a common framework:

Gathering | We gather in song and prayer to prepare ourselves to hear the Word of God.

Word | We hear God’s Word present in the Scriptures. In these readings, we encounter the living Word of God, Jesus Christ, and we sing and pray for the needs of the world.

Meal | In thanksgiving for what God has done, we share a meal of bread and wine (or grape juice), instituted by Christ himself. In this meal, we receive forgiveness and celebrate the unity of God’s people.

Sending | Worship ends with God’s blessing. A sending ritual invites the community to depart in peace, sent out to love and serve God in word and in deed.