Alive in the Love of Christ
Hopeful in the Promise of Christ
Active in the Service of Christ

What to Expect


Upon arriving at Christ Lutheran, you will be met by a volunteer greeter from the congregation. These people are here to welcome you as you enter and to answer any questions you may have about Christ Lutheran. Inside the sanctuary, ushers will meet you to provide the week’s bulletin and additionally answer your questions. Please make yourself comfortable in any seat.


Dress comfortably. We are a casual congregation of families. You will feel at home wearing anything from jeans to business casual attire.


At Christ Lutheran, we love to see children as part of the worship service. We recognize that children will make noise. The cries and coos of babies, as well as the occasional whispers of toddlers, are completely understood. We have quiet bags available to help entertain young children during the worship service, and we also have childcare during the contemporary service. If you need to step out of the service to take care of children, we also welcome you to do so.

Nursing mothers should feel welcome at Christ Lutheran. You are welcome to nurse your children as needed during service, to step into the back of the church, or to find a quiet place in our downstairs fellowship space, according to your own preference and comfort.


In communion, we share in a sacramental meal of bread and wine (or grape juice) instituted by Jesus Christ in the Last Supper. In this meal, we receive forgiveness and celebrate the unity of God’s people.

The communion table is not our own. All who want to meet Christ in the bread and the wine are welcome.

We often partake of communion by intinction. You will be offered a small piece of bread and invited to touch the bread to the wine or juice, then consume.

Gluten-free bread is available with a quiet word to the pastor. Communion assistants will offer two chalices: the larger contains wine, and the smaller, marked with a ribbon, contains grape juice.

Children are welcome to participate in communion. Those too young to take the bread will receive a blessing.

Mobility issues? If you are unable to come forward, let an usher know and the bread and cup will be brought to you.


Please join us following the worship service for coffee and refreshments in the narthex. This is a time to meet and greet one another and to enjoy fellowship. On the last Sunday of each month, the single service is followed by a congregational meal. Visitors are always welcome.